Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Fear

No fear Blogfest hosted by Dominic de Mattos
Well I think it is to late to enter and that's okay. But I'm still going to put an excerpt from my current WIP. Vampire Angel.

This is my first Blogfest I've tried to enter and like I said I think I'm to late. But I'm swallowing my fear and posting my excerpt for you to read.

     Addysin was shaking and it was difficult to walk. Taking a deep breath, she found her center. The keys clinked as she dropped them in the bowl on the counter before heading into the living room. Her parents were waiting for her with reddened eyes.
     "Addysin, honey, we have something to tell you," Addysin's dad began.
      Addysin noticed right away that his usually pale skin was somehow even paler. To her it looked translucent. This can't be good, she thought as she sank into the corner of the couch. With her knees pulled to her chest, she rocked back and forth.
      "No Carl let me tell her please." Janice said in her small voice. Mom took a deep breath and tried to hold the tears back as she began. "Addy, the doctors don't give me long to live."
     "No, no this new treatment was going to help. It was out last chance." She covered her face with her hands and continued rocking.
     Moving to the seat next to Addysin instead of across from her so she could hold her hand Janice continued. "We already knew it was a gamble. The cancer had spread so much."
    Addysin sat still holding her head sobbing and rocking faster. "No, no, it can't be true,"
    Wanting to hold her daughter, Janice cried with her. "Hold her Carl she needs it and I can't. We will keep me comfortable."

    "How long Mom, how long do we have?" Addysin lifter her face to meet her mother's sky blue eyes.

    "I'm not sure. A week, maybe only a few days the cancer is growing fast."

    Addysin stared at the gold glittered framed picture of her mom and dad's wedding day. The picture was one of her favorites. Her mom wore a simple ivory fitted gown and her veil was long. The wind had blown her veil back and at times it looked like wings and the tiny tiara a halo. Janice almost glowed with happiness.

     "I love you, Mom." Her eyes flickered between her mom and the picture on the mantel.

     Addysin snuggled into her dad because she couldn't snuggle into her mom. Sitting there staring at her mom letting her mind recall their life together. Every scraped knee, broken heart, and fight with a best friend they were together. The way her mother always took care of, not only her and dad but also everyone, she would take care of her. "I'll be with you until the end. Whatever you need me to do I will be there. It's my turn to hold you." Addysin put on a brave face and went carefully to hug her mom.


  1. Awww that's a sad piece. :( Definitely a different kind of bravery than some of the other entries but you did a great job in portraying it. Well done :)

  2. A beautifully written, poignant piece. Bravery is about how we cope with a situation that is beyond our everyday experiences - so yes, this is bravery.

    Well done and thanks for joining my blogfest.
    It is such a shame that I had already chosen the finalists, but I hope you will enjoy reading the other entries.


  3. Facing grief and an unwelcome turn of fate takes bravery. Nicely depicted. And well done on your own bravery in posting ;D