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Featured Author -- Lia Fairchild

Featured Author



Four Friends. Four Different Paths. One Unwavering Friendship.

Four life-long friends bound by two decades of laughter, love, promises, and secrets. Once inseparable, the four grow into independent adults pursuing very different paths. 

Sage, raised by career-driven parents, follows a carefully laid out future of success that leaves her wondering what she's missed out on. 

Emily, the college drop-out, now has three children that have become her whole life. She's slowly lost herself, subconsciously seeking dangerous ways to cope. Can she find herself in time? 

Jax always lived on the edge, skating through life with no apparent ambition, yet remained the energy and emotional cement of the group. She longs for her friends to accept her without trying to fix her. 

Ned, Emily's twin brother, yearns to stand up and be counted. But his old loyalties and new feelings for one of the girls has him pulled in different directions. 

Will the ties that held them together as kids be strong enough for them as adults? These four friends will discover the true meaning of friendship and unveil truths about themselves they never knew existed.


Circle in the Sand, an Amazon Bestseller (Contemporary fiction/romance)What readers are saying:

“I truly, truly loved this book.”

"Circle in the Sand" should make #1 NY Times Best Seller's List!!

"Every moment was another gift in this gem of a novel.”

"You never want it to end."

I’m sitting at a rickety, wrought-iron table sprinkled with white bird shit, staring across at an ex-con and seriously fantasizing about him fertilizing my frozen eggs. Yep, this is exactly how I’d pictured my future when a twelve-year-old me visited the New York Stock Exchange for the first time.

Travis and I are on the patio at Juan’s, me with a large cup of black tar, him scarfing down a taco plate. He insisted on paying. He offers me a bite. I shake my head, and he continues eating. I watch his forearms and strong hands as he moves them around his space, wondering about all the beautiful things they’ve created before this new life of his took over. I examine his dark eyes, which don’t seem to be as sad as that first day we met. But they don’t hold the eagerness I’m used to seeing in men that look at me. I’m still trying to acclimate to this flirtationship that we’ve developed. Not quite dating, but something more than friends.

About two weeks ago I’d come to San Diego to meet with my new client. On the way home, my car took control and steered me right over to Jax’s house. I told myself it was probably best to clear the air with her, talk things over, and if Travis happened to be there, well, I’d just smile and say hi. Turned out Jax was at work. Travis answered the door, hair slightly damp, barefoot, wearing jeans, and again his shirt was AWOL. The cool breeze caused a chill on my skin. His face, dusted with black stubble, made my fingertips tingle. He didn’t invite me in after my reason for visiting was voided. Did I want to leave a message for Jax? Yeah, tell her the guy sleeping on her couch is an idiot.

“I’ll call her later,” I said then lingered a moment. That’s usually all it takes, but I could see he wasn’t biting. “I was going to grab some coffee before I head back, want to join me?” The words tasted awkward in my mouth. I wondered how they sounded to him. Please, sir, may I have another? He stared at me for a second, then shook his head. I hoped my face didn’t look as red as it felt. Suddenly I was hot, but not with embarrassment. Anger flushed over me. Not only had this guy turned me into the pursuer, but he’d stuffed me into self-realization mode, and I hate that. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying being pursued!

“You seem like a nice lady…”

Lady? What was I, seventy? I attempted to prepare myself for the brush off, but I wasn’t quite sure how. 

Travis grabbed the side of the door with one hand. “Let me lay this all out on the line for you. I’m on probation for driving under the influence.” I folded my arms, attempting to look unaffected even though it had shocked me. 

“My car hopped a curb and ran into a nineteen-year-old sign spinner dressed as Freddy Krueger for the local Halloween store.” My mouth fell open, and I quickly closed it as he continued. “He had his back turned, didn’t even see us coming. He’s fine—only a few cuts and bruises—but he was knocked out. It could have been worse, so much worse, but does that really matter?”

Was I supposed to answer that question? I opened my mouth again, hoping something would come out on its own. 

“I got credit for time served, have to do community service, got my license taken away; shall I continue?”

I cocked my head. “There’s more?”

If that doesn't have you running out to one click check out this 5 * review!!

★★★★★ review for Circle in the Sand, an Amazon Bestseller

"Look Out, Nicholas Sparks…
If you enjoy Nicholas Sparks' works, pick up this book. Caveat, though, you'll want to take along with a handful of tissues if you tend to turn into an emotional mess by watching the lives of others and feeling the need to cheer and cry with them. This author has gone from an unknown quantity to one of my favorite authors in record time. Kudos, Lia, on a job well done. So glad to see you have other works out there - as soon as my emotions calm down from this journey you sent me on, I'll be picking up another one of your books. Keep writing!"

You can follow Lia and her writing adventure here:

Lia Fairchild - Facebook


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Check out the trailer for Circle in the Sand here:

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Featured Author



“She’s everything I’m not and everything I want to be.” 

Sebastian Iron’s life is spiraling out of control. Over the course of one week, Sebastian witnesses death, runs away with his best friend’s girl, gets kicked out of his English prep school, and is banished to America by his domineering mother to repeat his senior year of high school. 

In America, Sebastian struggles to find self-discipline and a purpose to turn his life around. He meets Tess Hamilton, the only person to show him any kindness in his new school. Little does he know, she is the savior tutor hired by his mother to help him improve his grades. The two slowly begin to build a friendship. 

As their friendship blossoms, Sebastian begins to have romantic feelings for Tess. She claims to only want a platonic relationship, but Sebastian feels the undeniable spark that sizzles between them every time they are together. 

Forces beyond their control will either bring Sebastian and Tess closer together or tear them apart. 

Will Sebastian return to his old habits or find the strength to be the person worthy of Tess’ love? 

**16+ due to sexual situations, language and drug use.

Sounds like a great NA, Coming of Age story! You can pick up your copy here>>>>>>>

The rest of the day dragged on as Sebastian made his way through his class schedule. There were sideways glances, stares, and muttered comments since his arrival at school, but he ignored them the best he could and went about his business. When the last bell chimed at 2:45, signaling the end of the school day, Sebastian navigated his way to the study hall. He was there to meet the genius tutor his mother had arranged for him. He wasn’t in the mood to study and all he really wanted was a cigarette, but he was mindful of Nanny’s instruction to blend in and buckle down, so he dutifully awaited the arrival of his savior.
Tess Hamilton promptly entered the study hall at 2:50 and walked up to him, laying her textbooks on his table.
“You?” Sebastian blurted out, slightly startled, but with a broad grin on his face.
“They didn’t tell you I was your tutor?”
“Well, at least you look pleased—that’s half the battle. Why didn’t you ask who your tutor was in the dean’s office? Weren’t you curious?” 
“I don’t care who is doing the tutoring. My job is to listen and learn. I’m not interested in your body, just your mind.” 
Tess did have a nice body, he observed, finally able to get a full view of her standing next to him. She was petite, about five-feet two inches, with an hourglass figure.
“Gee, way to make a girl feel wanted,” she teased.
“If you’re looking for sex, I’d be happy to oblige. This table looks sturdy, and I like a girl who doesn’t have an aversion to public displays of attraction.”
“Public displays of affection,” Tess corrected, not missing a beat.
“I hardly think carnal desire has anything to do with affection,” Sebastian countered.
“Then it’s a good thing you’re not interested in my body.” She placed her hands on her hips and shook her head. “What did I get myself into?” 
Sebastian didn’t reply, but stood up and pulled out a chair for Tess to sit. 
“You’re charming,” she commented.
“Yes,” he merely agreed, with no sense of false modesty.
“And arrogant.” 
“I prefer aloof,” he corrected her.
“Well, with a vocabulary like that, you should have no problem with the English portion of your SATs.”
He smiled to himself. He liked her straightforward attitude. Tess was not one of those polite socialite types he was so used to, who smiled demurely then quickly gossiped behind your back. She was a breath of fresh air.
“I printed out a schedule for you. We’ll meet on Tuesdays and Fridays. I have yearbook and the school paper on Mondays and Wednesdays. I can probably squeeze you in if you need a few SAT prep sessions before you take the exam in October. What was your last score?”
“What score are you referring to?”
“Your SAT score.”
“I haven’t taken it yet.”
She didn’t hide the surprise from her face. “What universities are you planning to apply to?”
At least he could answer this question. “NYU and Princeton.”
“Why did you just ‘hmm?’ It is absurd to think that I could attend either one of these schools?” Sebastian spat back, slightly annoyed.
“I didn’t say that. I just find it curious that I’m tutoring you this late in the game and you have such lofty aspirations. You’ll have to work hard to get into these schools. What type of extracurricular activities have you been involved in?”
Again, she was speaking a different language he didn’t quite understand. He was sure she was not talking about parties, drugs, and sex. These were the only extracurricular activities he knew. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I don’t quite understand.”

Ohhh Sebastian :) I think I need to spend my Sunday with you! 

Awe! Yep totally spending my Sunday afternoon with Tess and Sebastian... You should too!

Thank you Theresa Troutman for the teasers and excerpt!

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Featured Author Day -- Lisa Edwards

Featured Author

Lisa Edwards

Songbird and Songbird Caged





Go Grab Your Copies... I did!

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Featured Author Day --- Katherine Rhodes

Featured Author 





Continuing the Club Imperial Series with Silver Soul Book 1 

Silver Soul is a hot local band without big aspirations. Good boys during the day, bad asses at night, they play for the love of the music. They have all the requisite members: the hot lead singer; the wild and crazy bassist; the dreamy, laid-back rhythm guitarist; the animal on drums; the organized, behinds-the-scenes genius manager- and trouble on the lead guitar. 
And, of course, fangirls. Morgan Kirkbride is the self-professed super fangirl of Silver Soul. If they’re playing and she finds out, Morgan has to be there. One fateful night, by the grace of beer and peanuts, she falls for very hot, very sexy Nick D. 
Morgan was sure the lead singer of Silver Soul thought she was a graceless flake when he asks her to a midnight diner and winds up back at her place. She’s captivated, but sure it’s just a crazy one-night fling… Imagine her shock when the very next Monday at Allegheny County Courthouse, the highly respected, well-credentialed chemist Dr. Nicholas Dovadsky is called as a witness — and Morgan recognizes him as the rock god who rocked her bed. Sparks fly between them, but things get complicated - fast. But Nick doesn’t intend for anything or anyone to prevent him from getting to know the spunky, if clumsy, curvaceous woman. He just keeps coming back again and again. 
When an ex-boyfriend returns to haunt Morgan and her roommate, no one takes him seriously. But when the simple threats become violent, perverse and horrifying, she realizes someone is out to get her. While nothing is what it seems, there’s one thing Morgan can be sure of…she wants Nick in her life. Permanently. 

**Content Warning: Explicit language and graphical content. Intended for 18+ audience.

Amazon - Not Quite Juliet


 Not Quite Juliet, Silver Soul 1- A Club Imperial Novel 
by Katherine Rhodes

We strolled into the store and ordered. He ordered a pastrami and cheese and I had to get the knockwurst. He looked at me crooked when I ordered it.
“What?” I asked giving him the side-eye.
“Never would have pegged you for a knockwurst girl.”
“This is the only place I’ve found one I like outside of Wisconsin.”
He stopped. “You’re not from Pittsburgh?”
“Is this a problem? I’m legal. Wanna see my papers?”
He laughed. “You’re really a cheesehead?”
“Born and bred and got the fuck out.”
He nodded and 'hmmed' at me. “Not a lover of the Badger State?”
“Not a lover of the people who live near Edgar, Wisconsin. Not a topic I care to waste my lunch discussing.” I could feel my anger rising already; I really didn't need it right now, not when I had just finally been offered a real full time job. Assholes. I pushed the thought out of my head. I pulled out my debit card to pay for my lunch and he grabbed it back. “Nope. My treat.”
“No, you treated for... whatever the hell that was last night.”
“My treat.”
I stared at him. “You are not going to pay for every meal we have together.”
“I plan on it.” He crooked his head and smiled and handed my card back to me and motioned to the clerk to charge him for both.
I swallowed hard. I had to stop my anger from boiling up. At least this time I recognized the anger didn't have a thing to do with him and everything to do with the assholes back in Edgar, Wisconsin. It wasn't Nick's fault; he had no idea how upset I could get over mentioning them, thinking about them, remembering they even drew breath in the same atmosphere I did.
Nick took my arm and walked me over to a table. “Are you okay? I didn't know you'd get so angry over the bill. I'll let you pay next time.”
I waved him off. “Not you, not your fault. Sorry. Just give me a minute.” I put a hand on my forehead and took a few deep breaths. I had to remember I was currently, and once again, sitting across from a rock god who just bought my lunch after buying me Fourth Meal last night. I had also just gotten a full time job. I still had Imperial, and I had friends who were completely amazing.
Nick grabbed my hand as they put the sandwiches on the table with us. “Morgan?”
I took a deep breath, and shook the whole thing off. “Yes. I'm sorry.”
“You scared me,” he said, his voice plain.
“Bad memories,” I explained. I looked down. “Good sandwiches.”
“Good sandwiches,” he agreed. “Okay?”
“Yes. It's a good day. New full time job, hot guy buying me lunch.”
“Hot girl having lunch with me.”
And the sex-crazed fan girl was back. I slipped my shoe off under the table and ran it up his leg. Didn't take the bitch very long to recover from that glitch. And oh, my, did he have muscular legs. I seemed to remember those from the night before.
He choked a little on the sandwich, and looked at me, shock all over his face. He put the food down and pulled out his phone. I watched as he paged through the phone, extremely intent on whatever it was he was doing. I picked at my lunch, and he glanced up at me a few times. The shock in his face changed slowly to the cute smile, then to the sexually devious grin I’d seen a few times in the past twelve hours.
Just twelve hours? Really?
He finally looked up and gave me a full on smirk. He pushed the phone across the table for me to look at it. There was a receipt on the face of it, and when I pulled it closer, my mouth fell open.
Reservation confirmed for 1 (one) room w/King size bed.
I pursed my lips. Well then, are you happy, you sex-crazed maniac bitch? I looked at him through my lashes. “Why Doctor Dovadsky. Are you propositioning me?”
“Well, apparently Freud thought I should earlier. And with that pretty little foot of yours teasing me...” He leaned in. “It's the Omni. Four blocks. Ten minute walk max.”
I pointed to the food. “To go?”
He looked around. “Can I get a doggy bag?!”


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Teaser Tuesday... On Wednesday :)

Here's a sneak peak into Against All Odds my novella for the Bad Boys Of Romance Biker Anthology.

“Open up.” Cole growled. As Rylan parted her full lips, he slid the wedge between her teeth, pulp side out. He stared into her eyes a moment longer before tipping the tequila bottle and pouring the liquid into her belly button, it pooled spilling over and collecting in tiny puddles on her hard stomach. He dipped his head, flattening his tongue on her chest he collected the salt, placing an open mouthed kiss on her warm skin and leaving her covered in goose bumps. As he held the salt on his tongue he moved lower to start sucking on the pools of liquor finally reaching his destination she shuddered in response to his suckle and nips to the center of her stomach. Cole pushed off the table before placing his hands on either side of her head, dropping his own head to steal the lime from her mouth. With him caging her in she had no choice but to wait as he pulled the juice from the lime and spit out the wedge. Bringing his mouth back to hers, he kissed her softly as her eyes closed and she lay there motionless. Cole drew back, smirking and winking in Rylan’s direction. 

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Candice's Story Book Trailer

Candice's Story Book Trailer

When I released Candice's Story, I used Animoto to make a book trailer. At the time I shared it on Facebook but didn't share it anywhere else. I was updating my Amazon Author Central Author Page this morning and there was a place to add the book trailer. It gave me the idea to add it here too. Hope you enjoy!