Thursday, January 27, 2011

A few tears

After a few tears and many *headdesk* moments, I have decided to do some rewriting. I have started over from the first chapter. I've kept several scenes, but wasn't satisfied with everything else. So here we go again.

Thanks to several authors that have blogs that help me through these hard times, I know it's okay to start over. Especially if it's not right.

Thanks to Shannon at Wrining Out Words
And JJ at Writer's Block NZ

If your having a hard time and can't seem to go on. First try going back a little ways and do a little editing if you still can't get past it and your not truly happy with it CUT it. It'll be all right. Maybe your story wasn't going where you wanted it or where your character's wanted it to go. (That's what happen to me, my MC didn't like where she was at. To be honest neither did I.) Fix it. Write and Write some more even if you have to cut and re write.
Thanks to my husband and family for being so supportive.
Once this headache goes away, now that I'm done hitting on the desk. I'll get back at writing the new version of  my work in progress..

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