Friday, January 21, 2011

gotta start somewhere

As my profile says I am a writer. I have always written, stories, diary or just jotting down my thoughts. But after losing my mom, at 30, I decided life is to short. I started thinking about writing a novel. So I started researching it a little. Began jotting down some ideas and came across a character with a story I really want to tell. After telling my dad and making him swear not to say a word, I opened my mind and my mouth.
The second person I told was my husband and the next were my friends. Everyone was very supportive. So I started writing, about Addysin. I shortly found out that I had a really hard time with transitional scenes and shutting off my inner editor.
I have no formal training in writing or editing. No english classes besides high school and one year of college english. That made me a little nervous and a fellow writer suggested a great book that is helping me alot. English Grammar for Dummies, has become my best friend. I read on Cassandra Clare's website that being part of a critque group helps with writing. She suggested Critters so I signed up. :)
Not only do I enjoy critiquing but it is helping me with my writing. You're probably thinking, "Sure it does."  But seriously, helping other writers strengthen their writing has helped me see things I can strengthen in my own. I cannot wait to have my first two chapters go through. I plan on getting them on the list this weekend. That's the plan any way.
So where am I at now. 40,000 words, more or less half way. I did take a small time out during the holidays. I had won a critique from Becca Puglisi at the BookShelf Muse, so I rushed and edited the first chapter. Then I re edited it. After editing it again I had to retype it into the computer that has the internet. (No i did not have it saved on a flash drive so I could transfer it.) During the retyping I made several mistakes and missed them before sending them to her. The feed back I got was great, even considering all the small and LARGE grammar errors that it had. I took her feedback and applied it to my first, second and third chapters. SO now I am half way finished writing and stuck editing.
I am trying to convince myself to stop the editing (for now) and go back to creative writing the final chapters. But I want to send my first two chapters through Critters to get that amazing feedback that fellow critters give.  So if you have any thoughts, or suggetions for me going forward let me know. I love comments!

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