Monday, September 19, 2011


This Work In Progress is giving me not only a headache but also heartache. I knew how I wanted this story to end, however I am finding it very difficult to get there. Nothing is working well. I've even recently considered tweaking the main plot a little. Actually quite a bit. Perhaps changing my vampire to another mythical creature, but my heart is breaking. It loves my Vampire Angels and I truly want to finish this the way I originally envisioned it. With Vampires and Angels.
I think my struggle is the believability of Vampires and Angel descendants mating. I know my story could work if the vampires were, say a werewolf or a Fairy, but then it wouldn't be my story. I guess I needed to write this down and if anyone has any comments or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

As for me and my novel, I'm going to work on the ending harder and make this thing believable and come together. Good night all, I gotta go to work. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes By Denise Grover Swank

Review of Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes, written by Denise Grover Swank.

I read this book a few weeks ago and wanted to do a review, only I wasn't sure how. I have wrote and re wrote this review. I still don't think what I have to say gives this book justice but, I want people, readers to know how much I loved in this book. I was warned that I would get anything done. So knowing the reader I am-I get totally lost in my books especially great ones-I cleaned, had laundry caught up, as much as one can, and dinner made early. I even gave the kids their baths and put them down early. I was prepared to start the book.
Somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning, when I my husband woke up and realised I wasn't in bed and came to see why I was still up, and several gripping chapters into I went to bed.
I often dream about the characters I read about. I was glad to dream about Rose and Joe.

The next day I woke up early to read and did so until breakfast and continued through lunch. I did stop and feed my kids and then sat right back down with out eating. Later that night I finished Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes. I dreamed about Rose and Joe AGAIN!!! And I thought about them for the next day or week.

About the book. I my opinion it was greatly written and very captivating. The personalities of the characters were intertwined into the story. Everything Rose did you knew was something Rose would do. There were no wavers in their personalities or plot. I never found myself thinking, "now that doesn't seem like Rose or MaMa." Or wondering why we the author lead us in this direction. Everything tied together and plot twist was revealed.
And let me tell you, there where some twist! Denise kept the mystery through out the book and touch of paranormal was perfect.
Rose and her visions were central to the story but not always correct. They sometimes showed her things that made no sense and sometimes showed her things that happened very differently. I don't want to say to much about these visions and give anything away.
Rose and Joe's relationship is a rocky one and has as many twists as the plot its self.
I know I will be picking this book up again soon. Actually I'm needing something to read right now! I think I'll read it again. And if you haven't read it. You can find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I also believe it is on Smashwords!!

Thanks again Denise for writing such five-star book!! I can't wait for Sept. 20th when her knew book CHOSEN comes out.

Born to be a Dragon by Eisley Jacobs GoodReads Review!!

Yes I am a 30 something year old mother that still reads Middle Grade books. And not just because I have middle grade kids. ;)
This book had me from the captivating quote found on the very first page. Pick up the book or visit the author's website to find it. As soon as you read it you'll know which line hooked me.
The depth of these characters and the plot were amazing.
Eisley Jacobs kept me up late (seeing as I didn't begin reading it until my kids were in bed, the first time.) wanting to know what was going on between Meia the foster child and Deglan the dragon.
The book did not disappoint or keep you waiting to find out one item for too long. She revealed secrets as they should come out, not to fast but not to long either.
If your looking for a fun adventure to read with your children or for you kids to read this is it.
This is my first review and I am having a hard time not giving anything away, I don't want to ruin any surprises!! Thanks Eisley for such a great book. So excited for November. :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's a girl to do?

Life is crazy. Nothing new right? Right. I am still writing. I am so close to the end that I finally see a light. But I feel so overwhelmed by the thought of editing everything I just wrote. And once again coming out with a whole new "first draft". That's how it feels every time I edit. I don't know if I am changing to much or if the changes are making it better.
These thoughts are keeping me from finishing. No, it's just me. I need to recommit myself to my chair. A introduction is in process. :) With all hopes that the introduction will go well and my chair and I will be best friends again.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few set backs and some great critiques

So I submitted my first two chapters to a ya critique group and a few friends that took a look at it for me. As I held my breath reading each critique, waiting to be told to put down the pencil, I was greatly surprised by the support and encouragement I got for my story. Sure there are plenty of things people didn't like or thought could be done differently and some I agree with.
I honestly haven't been able to sit down and put some much needed work into my novel. These things that have taken my time away from my novel are almost done and I will get back to a regular writing schedule soon. I have been taking notes even though I haven't written. I have been working on individual scenes in my mind and jotting them down where ever I can.
With hope and support restored back to the keyboard I go. 

My goal is to be finished writing and doing my edits before the year mark, August makes a year I started writing this novel!
I will reach my goal!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Made some serious Progress (yes with a Capital P) :)

The only thing I kept whole from my original draft of Vampire Angel was the first chapter. And that had been rewritten several times before keeping it through this round of editing.  I've got my second chapter ready for a round of editing.
There is where I decided the problem with my last draft was I did not have an outline. No they are not necessary to everyone. But I think my problem with my first draft was it didn't flow right, it was not clear and didn't lead to an ending of any kind.

After chapter two I took the time to do a detailed outline. I am currently at chapter fourteen. And approximately half way through the events that are already leading to a much better ending. My short term goal is to be finished with the outline by next week and begin filling in the details to each chapter and each scene within that chapter.

As I get another piece ready I will post another excerpt. This one will make sense to why the name of it is Vampire Angel.

Now, I'm going to stop procrastinating and go write. I will reach my goal and finish my outline by mid week and begin WRITING AGAIN!! That is a promise to my self. I have a semi longer term goal, I have met a few beta reader/critique partners through twitter and have made arrangements to swap WIP at the end of the month. Plus, I have a few wonderful friends from waiting for my work to go through. The sooner I can get it in the better.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Fear

No fear Blogfest hosted by Dominic de Mattos
Well I think it is to late to enter and that's okay. But I'm still going to put an excerpt from my current WIP. Vampire Angel.

This is my first Blogfest I've tried to enter and like I said I think I'm to late. But I'm swallowing my fear and posting my excerpt for you to read.

     Addysin was shaking and it was difficult to walk. Taking a deep breath, she found her center. The keys clinked as she dropped them in the bowl on the counter before heading into the living room. Her parents were waiting for her with reddened eyes.
     "Addysin, honey, we have something to tell you," Addysin's dad began.
      Addysin noticed right away that his usually pale skin was somehow even paler. To her it looked translucent. This can't be good, she thought as she sank into the corner of the couch. With her knees pulled to her chest, she rocked back and forth.
      "No Carl let me tell her please." Janice said in her small voice. Mom took a deep breath and tried to hold the tears back as she began. "Addy, the doctors don't give me long to live."
     "No, no this new treatment was going to help. It was out last chance." She covered her face with her hands and continued rocking.
     Moving to the seat next to Addysin instead of across from her so she could hold her hand Janice continued. "We already knew it was a gamble. The cancer had spread so much."
    Addysin sat still holding her head sobbing and rocking faster. "No, no, it can't be true,"
    Wanting to hold her daughter, Janice cried with her. "Hold her Carl she needs it and I can't. We will keep me comfortable."

    "How long Mom, how long do we have?" Addysin lifter her face to meet her mother's sky blue eyes.

    "I'm not sure. A week, maybe only a few days the cancer is growing fast."

    Addysin stared at the gold glittered framed picture of her mom and dad's wedding day. The picture was one of her favorites. Her mom wore a simple ivory fitted gown and her veil was long. The wind had blown her veil back and at times it looked like wings and the tiny tiara a halo. Janice almost glowed with happiness.

     "I love you, Mom." Her eyes flickered between her mom and the picture on the mantel.

     Addysin snuggled into her dad because she couldn't snuggle into her mom. Sitting there staring at her mom letting her mind recall their life together. Every scraped knee, broken heart, and fight with a best friend they were together. The way her mother always took care of, not only her and dad but also everyone, she would take care of her. "I'll be with you until the end. Whatever you need me to do I will be there. It's my turn to hold you." Addysin put on a brave face and went carefully to hug her mom.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Promise Kept

A fellow critter at just got her novel Promise Kept by Brandi Hunt.
Congratulations Brandi. You can check out her ebook by clicking on the title.

Seeing other authors get their dreams published keeps my head up and fingers stroking the keys.

Good luck to everyone out there.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

A few tears

After a few tears and many *headdesk* moments, I have decided to do some rewriting. I have started over from the first chapter. I've kept several scenes, but wasn't satisfied with everything else. So here we go again.

Thanks to several authors that have blogs that help me through these hard times, I know it's okay to start over. Especially if it's not right.

Thanks to Shannon at Wrining Out Words
And JJ at Writer's Block NZ

If your having a hard time and can't seem to go on. First try going back a little ways and do a little editing if you still can't get past it and your not truly happy with it CUT it. It'll be all right. Maybe your story wasn't going where you wanted it or where your character's wanted it to go. (That's what happen to me, my MC didn't like where she was at. To be honest neither did I.) Fix it. Write and Write some more even if you have to cut and re write.
Thanks to my husband and family for being so supportive.
Once this headache goes away, now that I'm done hitting on the desk. I'll get back at writing the new version of  my work in progress..

Friday, January 21, 2011

gotta start somewhere

As my profile says I am a writer. I have always written, stories, diary or just jotting down my thoughts. But after losing my mom, at 30, I decided life is to short. I started thinking about writing a novel. So I started researching it a little. Began jotting down some ideas and came across a character with a story I really want to tell. After telling my dad and making him swear not to say a word, I opened my mind and my mouth.
The second person I told was my husband and the next were my friends. Everyone was very supportive. So I started writing, about Addysin. I shortly found out that I had a really hard time with transitional scenes and shutting off my inner editor.
I have no formal training in writing or editing. No english classes besides high school and one year of college english. That made me a little nervous and a fellow writer suggested a great book that is helping me alot. English Grammar for Dummies, has become my best friend. I read on Cassandra Clare's website that being part of a critque group helps with writing. She suggested Critters so I signed up. :)
Not only do I enjoy critiquing but it is helping me with my writing. You're probably thinking, "Sure it does."  But seriously, helping other writers strengthen their writing has helped me see things I can strengthen in my own. I cannot wait to have my first two chapters go through. I plan on getting them on the list this weekend. That's the plan any way.
So where am I at now. 40,000 words, more or less half way. I did take a small time out during the holidays. I had won a critique from Becca Puglisi at the BookShelf Muse, so I rushed and edited the first chapter. Then I re edited it. After editing it again I had to retype it into the computer that has the internet. (No i did not have it saved on a flash drive so I could transfer it.) During the retyping I made several mistakes and missed them before sending them to her. The feed back I got was great, even considering all the small and LARGE grammar errors that it had. I took her feedback and applied it to my first, second and third chapters. SO now I am half way finished writing and stuck editing.
I am trying to convince myself to stop the editing (for now) and go back to creative writing the final chapters. But I want to send my first two chapters through Critters to get that amazing feedback that fellow critters give.  So if you have any thoughts, or suggetions for me going forward let me know. I love comments!