Friday, February 4, 2011

Made some serious Progress (yes with a Capital P) :)

The only thing I kept whole from my original draft of Vampire Angel was the first chapter. And that had been rewritten several times before keeping it through this round of editing.  I've got my second chapter ready for a round of editing.
There is where I decided the problem with my last draft was I did not have an outline. No they are not necessary to everyone. But I think my problem with my first draft was it didn't flow right, it was not clear and didn't lead to an ending of any kind.

After chapter two I took the time to do a detailed outline. I am currently at chapter fourteen. And approximately half way through the events that are already leading to a much better ending. My short term goal is to be finished with the outline by next week and begin filling in the details to each chapter and each scene within that chapter.

As I get another piece ready I will post another excerpt. This one will make sense to why the name of it is Vampire Angel.

Now, I'm going to stop procrastinating and go write. I will reach my goal and finish my outline by mid week and begin WRITING AGAIN!! That is a promise to my self. I have a semi longer term goal, I have met a few beta reader/critique partners through twitter and have made arrangements to swap WIP at the end of the month. Plus, I have a few wonderful friends from waiting for my work to go through. The sooner I can get it in the better.


  1. Congrats! I don't write with an outline either - so I usually just figure out the book along the way (though I always know the ending - I just have trouble getting there). I kinda outlined my NaNo project because I had the beginning and nothing else. I didn't like writing after an outline, so I'm still on the wild side :)

  2. Yes, congrats. Just like Stephanie above, I tend not to write with an outline. It is frustrating at times and I often feel like I'm going insane. However, I find that when you write sections of a book they tend to suggest what should be written next. And, I very rarely write in a straight line I start at point A jump to point R then back to M and slowly the whole thing will fill itself in.