Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teaser Tuesday... On Wednesday :)

Here's a sneak peak into Against All Odds my novella for the Bad Boys Of Romance Biker Anthology.

“Open up.” Cole growled. As Rylan parted her full lips, he slid the wedge between her teeth, pulp side out. He stared into her eyes a moment longer before tipping the tequila bottle and pouring the liquid into her belly button, it pooled spilling over and collecting in tiny puddles on her hard stomach. He dipped his head, flattening his tongue on her chest he collected the salt, placing an open mouthed kiss on her warm skin and leaving her covered in goose bumps. As he held the salt on his tongue he moved lower to start sucking on the pools of liquor finally reaching his destination she shuddered in response to his suckle and nips to the center of her stomach. Cole pushed off the table before placing his hands on either side of her head, dropping his own head to steal the lime from her mouth. With him caging her in she had no choice but to wait as he pulled the juice from the lime and spit out the wedge. Bringing his mouth back to hers, he kissed her softly as her eyes closed and she lay there motionless. Cole drew back, smirking and winking in Rylan’s direction. 

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