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Featured Author Day --- Katherine Rhodes

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Continuing the Club Imperial Series with Silver Soul Book 1 

Silver Soul is a hot local band without big aspirations. Good boys during the day, bad asses at night, they play for the love of the music. They have all the requisite members: the hot lead singer; the wild and crazy bassist; the dreamy, laid-back rhythm guitarist; the animal on drums; the organized, behinds-the-scenes genius manager- and trouble on the lead guitar. 
And, of course, fangirls. Morgan Kirkbride is the self-professed super fangirl of Silver Soul. If they’re playing and she finds out, Morgan has to be there. One fateful night, by the grace of beer and peanuts, she falls for very hot, very sexy Nick D. 
Morgan was sure the lead singer of Silver Soul thought she was a graceless flake when he asks her to a midnight diner and winds up back at her place. She’s captivated, but sure it’s just a crazy one-night fling… Imagine her shock when the very next Monday at Allegheny County Courthouse, the highly respected, well-credentialed chemist Dr. Nicholas Dovadsky is called as a witness — and Morgan recognizes him as the rock god who rocked her bed. Sparks fly between them, but things get complicated - fast. But Nick doesn’t intend for anything or anyone to prevent him from getting to know the spunky, if clumsy, curvaceous woman. He just keeps coming back again and again. 
When an ex-boyfriend returns to haunt Morgan and her roommate, no one takes him seriously. But when the simple threats become violent, perverse and horrifying, she realizes someone is out to get her. While nothing is what it seems, there’s one thing Morgan can be sure of…she wants Nick in her life. Permanently. 

**Content Warning: Explicit language and graphical content. Intended for 18+ audience.

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 Not Quite Juliet, Silver Soul 1- A Club Imperial Novel 
by Katherine Rhodes

We strolled into the store and ordered. He ordered a pastrami and cheese and I had to get the knockwurst. He looked at me crooked when I ordered it.
“What?” I asked giving him the side-eye.
“Never would have pegged you for a knockwurst girl.”
“This is the only place I’ve found one I like outside of Wisconsin.”
He stopped. “You’re not from Pittsburgh?”
“Is this a problem? I’m legal. Wanna see my papers?”
He laughed. “You’re really a cheesehead?”
“Born and bred and got the fuck out.”
He nodded and 'hmmed' at me. “Not a lover of the Badger State?”
“Not a lover of the people who live near Edgar, Wisconsin. Not a topic I care to waste my lunch discussing.” I could feel my anger rising already; I really didn't need it right now, not when I had just finally been offered a real full time job. Assholes. I pushed the thought out of my head. I pulled out my debit card to pay for my lunch and he grabbed it back. “Nope. My treat.”
“No, you treated for... whatever the hell that was last night.”
“My treat.”
I stared at him. “You are not going to pay for every meal we have together.”
“I plan on it.” He crooked his head and smiled and handed my card back to me and motioned to the clerk to charge him for both.
I swallowed hard. I had to stop my anger from boiling up. At least this time I recognized the anger didn't have a thing to do with him and everything to do with the assholes back in Edgar, Wisconsin. It wasn't Nick's fault; he had no idea how upset I could get over mentioning them, thinking about them, remembering they even drew breath in the same atmosphere I did.
Nick took my arm and walked me over to a table. “Are you okay? I didn't know you'd get so angry over the bill. I'll let you pay next time.”
I waved him off. “Not you, not your fault. Sorry. Just give me a minute.” I put a hand on my forehead and took a few deep breaths. I had to remember I was currently, and once again, sitting across from a rock god who just bought my lunch after buying me Fourth Meal last night. I had also just gotten a full time job. I still had Imperial, and I had friends who were completely amazing.
Nick grabbed my hand as they put the sandwiches on the table with us. “Morgan?”
I took a deep breath, and shook the whole thing off. “Yes. I'm sorry.”
“You scared me,” he said, his voice plain.
“Bad memories,” I explained. I looked down. “Good sandwiches.”
“Good sandwiches,” he agreed. “Okay?”
“Yes. It's a good day. New full time job, hot guy buying me lunch.”
“Hot girl having lunch with me.”
And the sex-crazed fan girl was back. I slipped my shoe off under the table and ran it up his leg. Didn't take the bitch very long to recover from that glitch. And oh, my, did he have muscular legs. I seemed to remember those from the night before.
He choked a little on the sandwich, and looked at me, shock all over his face. He put the food down and pulled out his phone. I watched as he paged through the phone, extremely intent on whatever it was he was doing. I picked at my lunch, and he glanced up at me a few times. The shock in his face changed slowly to the cute smile, then to the sexually devious grin I’d seen a few times in the past twelve hours.
Just twelve hours? Really?
He finally looked up and gave me a full on smirk. He pushed the phone across the table for me to look at it. There was a receipt on the face of it, and when I pulled it closer, my mouth fell open.
Reservation confirmed for 1 (one) room w/King size bed.
I pursed my lips. Well then, are you happy, you sex-crazed maniac bitch? I looked at him through my lashes. “Why Doctor Dovadsky. Are you propositioning me?”
“Well, apparently Freud thought I should earlier. And with that pretty little foot of yours teasing me...” He leaned in. “It's the Omni. Four blocks. Ten minute walk max.”
I pointed to the food. “To go?”
He looked around. “Can I get a doggy bag?!”


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