Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few set backs and some great critiques

So I submitted my first two chapters to a ya critique group and a few friends that took a look at it for me. As I held my breath reading each critique, waiting to be told to put down the pencil, I was greatly surprised by the support and encouragement I got for my story. Sure there are plenty of things people didn't like or thought could be done differently and some I agree with.
I honestly haven't been able to sit down and put some much needed work into my novel. These things that have taken my time away from my novel are almost done and I will get back to a regular writing schedule soon. I have been taking notes even though I haven't written. I have been working on individual scenes in my mind and jotting them down where ever I can.
With hope and support restored back to the keyboard I go. 

My goal is to be finished writing and doing my edits before the year mark, August makes a year I started writing this novel!
I will reach my goal!

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