Monday, September 19, 2011


This Work In Progress is giving me not only a headache but also heartache. I knew how I wanted this story to end, however I am finding it very difficult to get there. Nothing is working well. I've even recently considered tweaking the main plot a little. Actually quite a bit. Perhaps changing my vampire to another mythical creature, but my heart is breaking. It loves my Vampire Angels and I truly want to finish this the way I originally envisioned it. With Vampires and Angels.
I think my struggle is the believability of Vampires and Angel descendants mating. I know my story could work if the vampires were, say a werewolf or a Fairy, but then it wouldn't be my story. I guess I needed to write this down and if anyone has any comments or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

As for me and my novel, I'm going to work on the ending harder and make this thing believable and come together. Good night all, I gotta go to work. :)

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